What kind of jewellery to choose for holi?

What kind of jewellery to choose for holi?


The festive occasion of Holi is celebrated with verve and much enthusiasm. And when it comes to Holi celebrations, half the excitement lies in decking up for the festival.


The main idea is to look pretty and festive while keeping your clothes simple. After all, you don't want to ruin an expensive outfit with colours and splashes of water. And while you're at it, how about adding a dash of bling and glamour to your outfit? Jewellery sets can instantly jazz up even a boring cotton kurta-pyjama set. 


As we know, Jewellery is an essential part of our Indian attire, and without them, we can’t imagine dressing on any special occasion. So, let us recommend some of the best Holi Jewellery that will complement your festive attire. From earrings to colourful bangles and necklaces, there are so many things you can wear this Holi. 


Here are the best picks for your festive look:


1. Necklace Set


A necklace set is the most common jewellery design. You can easily buy one that matches your holi outfit and wear it.


The necklace sets are often accompanied by matching earrings and rings that complete the look beautifully. You can wear the given necklace sets with either traditional Indian outfits or contemporary outfits to create a stunning look. 


Moreover, it's possible to wear a necklace set while playing Holi as they are usually made with semi-precious stones and pearls, which do not attract colours easily. So wearing them will not only make you look fashionable but also help keep your neck free from those pesky colours.


2. Earrings


If you love jewellery and want to flaunt it on Holi, earrings should be your choice. It is a perfect piece of jewellery to wear on Holi to create a simple yet elegant look. 


Besides, it can also complement your necklace. The earrings have a very ethnic look with a special touch from the colourful stones. You can choose your earrings from long ones to short ones. In short, you can go for any earrings that you like. But, be careful with the studs and lose jhumkas, or it would create a mess because of colours and water.


Talking about this pair of earrings by Lavya Jewels is sure to add glamour to your overall look and make you stand out from the crowd. You can pair these beautiful earrings with a kurta or saree as well as dresses to give yourself a fashionable look on Holi. 


3. Bracelets


Bracelets are a great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit, and they are also a great option for when you don't feel like wearing too much jewellery. A simple bracelet can instantly bring life to any outfit, which is one reason why bracelets have been in style since time immemorial. 


You can always choose from heavy metal bracelets or even go for something more elegant like pearl bracelets. With Holi just around the corner, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of options available for you to choose from.


If you want to go for a subtle look, you must wear this bracelet. You can pair this beautiful gold bracelet with a lovely white outfit or even a traditional Kurti, and it looks stunning with any Indian outfit.


4. Bangles


Some types of jewellery always remain in vogue. In fact, they look better with the change of time, and we keep on buying them repeatedly. Bangles are a kind of jewellery that we buy with the same passion every year.


The options in terms of designs and colours are endless, and you are sure to find something that suits your style. You can either go for a single colour or multi-coloured bangles as per your choice. And the best thing about bangles is that you can wear them with anything, be it the traditional or western outfit you choose for Holi. 


5. Haram


Haram is a trendy jewellery piece. The design generally has a central pendant with a series of chains attached to it. They come in various lengths and can be worn over sarees, lehengas or salwars. They are also known as necklaces or chokers.


Moreover, this type of jewellery set is a superior choice for the individual to be worn at a customary event. It is a fundamental piece of adornment utilized as a part of the vast majority of the celebrations nowadays. The most favourable position of this adornment is that you can wear it at any get-together and on any occasion. 


Even though there are numerous choices accessible in this kind of adornment, one should care while purchasing it. Here are some best options for you to look at.


Concerns to take care of:


As we get ready for the celebrations, it is essential to be aware of a few guidelines on how to dress up for Holi.


• While wearing gold jewellery, keep in mind that the more intricate the design, the more susceptible it is to breakage. So avoid wearing gold jewellery with heavy designs or too many stones on it.


• Since necklaces are a focal point, they are best avoided as they will attract most colours, while neckpieces that sit above your collarbone are safer options.


• Try to avoid rings as they do not go well with water-based colours. But if you wish to sport them, go for large ones so that the stains are less visible.


• You can wear bangles but remember to remove them before playing Holi. The last thing you will want is to lose their shine because of colours or water.


• Don’t choose too many accessories. However, if you still want to wear them, go for something lightweight like earrings or necklaces or bracelets but not all three together. Fewer accessories will help you have more fun without worrying about their safety.


Wrapping up


There are endless ways to celebrate the festival of colours - Holi. While some people like to keep it simple by applying colour to each other, others like to do it with a twist. Thus, to get that perfect ‘Holi look’, we cannot miss anything from our appearance. 


From choosing a stylish outfit to matching earrings and necklaces to pairing up cool sunglasses, everything should be perfect because in the end, when you look back at the pictures, you will regret those little mistakes. So make sure to try out these fashionable pieces while choosing your jewellery for Holi.

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